UFM Group Proprietary Hull Design

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin

UFM worked with tank test of Paris facility and Ministry of Industry

The extraordinary performance, maneuverability and fuel economy of UFM’s series of FORCE vessels is due to the proprietary Deep V Hull design coupled with UFM’s patented in-line power train. The designers of these highly sophisticated vessels are world famous. They include, Dr. Jean-Marc Gregori, founder of the UFM GROUP, and naval architects Don Shead, Erbil Serter and Leonardo Acciari.

A wide variety of UFM FORCE vessels are able to cruse at very high speed without
slamming, rolling, or porpoising. This stability makes travel comfortable for
passengers and crew.  Crew members can focus on the mission instead of trying to
keep their balance. The elimination of slamming also reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the vessel, and increases the precision of weaponry. … continued

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