Union Force Marine Group

UFM Group is a consortium of naval engineering and shipbuilding companies brought together by the knowledge and experience of its Chairman, Dr. Jean-Marc Gregori.  Dr. Gregori comes from a family of professional maritime pilots over four generations.

UFMG’s principal offices are in Viareggio Italy, the center of Italian shipbuilding. Other offices are in Paris France, Tunisia-Bizerte, Jakarta Indonesia and the United States (UFM-USA).

UFMG’s principal facilities and shipyard

Shipyard Extension
  • Viareggio and Pisa, Italy (Shipyards)
  • Bizerte and Sfax, Tunisia (JV Shipyards)
  • Louisiana, USA (JV Shipyard)
  • Nevada – UFM-USA (R&D offices)
  • Azur Coast and Vence, France (Study & Marketing office)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (Marketing office).

UFMG’s ultra-high-speed vessels have been tested, proven and purchased by some of the world’s most advanced Navies, Special Operations Forces, Police organizations, Commercial operations and luxury yacht owners.

A number of private clients have purchased vessels as fast luxury yachts, similar to private jet planes.  The range called Force has been very successful in the Cannes, Corsica, St Tropez, Porto, Cervo, and Caraibs markets.

A version with Lamborghini and UFM developed the Force 16 range with AMG engines (Mercedes).

With AIR FRANCE as a partner, a new luxury high speed fast shuttle is offered between Nice to Monaco, Cannes and St Tropez and cruises serenely at sea, away from traffic.

The new large Super Yacht developed by the Brand Union Force Marine are the first vessels to be delivered with sophisticated Tender Features (TF)TF prevents pirates and other intruders from boarding a ship.  TF uses drones to deter pirates from approaching the ship. TF anticipates risks well ahead of time.

UFM, has great success in building fast Interceptor vessels for Special Forces and escorts to fleets of ship owners in the Gulf of Aden to Suez Canal, Strait of Malacca and Gulf of Guinea.

UFM Group is the first brand to build OPV, Light Destroyer, escort Interceptor’s carriers and launchers to protect large merchant vessels; vital for the protection of international traffic and to anticipate the action of Terrorism (a reality which Lloyds of London understands very well).